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Perkins is one of the top manufacturers of diesel engines in the world with a 90-year history. Only 35 engines were produced by the business in its first year, all of which were used in trucks and cars. The 1933 Commercial Vehicle Exhibition featured one of them. Three years later, Perkins broke six different world diesel speed records at the Brooklands racetrack in Surrey, making it the first business to accomplish this feat. After the diesel engine was introduced, the business expanded quickly into the agricultural industry. Production was transferred to the Eastfield location near Peterborough in 1947. However, the emphasis was on growth, and six years later, Simpson and Co. of India became the initial of a large number of global distributors and licensees. On its route to becoming the multinational corporation it is today, Perkins was. Manufacturing and components distribution facilities would be built in Europe, North and South America, and Asia over the ensuing decades. There are distributors registered in 171 nations.


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