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A dependable generator device that eases your stress and protects you from frequent power outages is offered by Elegant Elevator. For a smooth and simple power supply that keeps your equipment and other appliances running, our offered generator will be dependable for offices, factories, industries, and homes.

We provides various range of diesel generator according to your offices, factories, industries, and homes electric power load. Diesel generator that we provide these are comes from the top brands, these brands are – Cummins, Perkins, Lovol, Weifang, Deutz, Ricardo.

Diesel Generator

Reliable Machine For Secure Action

These generators use diesel as fuel and have a substantially higher energy output than other generator kinds. The generator will require more fuel the more powerful it is. Typically, 8 liters of diesel will run an 8–10 kVA generator for 1 hour.

For Residential Use

Residential Diesel Generators

A mid-range generator is suitable for a small business, an office, or a home. Small offices, retail establishments, and houses can all use these 1 to 10 kVA generators. They are additionally known as portable generators. The voltage of these little generators is single-phase 220-240. Get the required diesel generator for your residential use from us at a reasonable price.

For Industrial or Factory Use

Industrial Diesel Generators

Industrial enterprises, shopping centers, and mega malls all need high range generators. Due to their high power, 3 phase electricity requires 400–440 volts and has a maximum capacity of 500 kVA. Additionally, these kinds of generators are necessary to power big machinery like elevators, escalators, and hospital emergency electricity. To get the required power generator from us at a reasonable price and with ultimate support, please contact us.

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