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One of the top producers of drive systems for off-highway applications is DEUTZ. Currently the oldest engine manufacturer in the world, DEUTZ AG was first established as N.A. Otto & Cie. in Cologne, Germany, in 1864. By the end of 2021, the DEUTZ Group had 4,750 employees across the globe. Its primary areas of expertise are the research, manufacture, and sale of drive solutions for off-highway applications with a power range up to 620 kW. The current product line includes hybrid, all-electric, and hydrogen drives in addition to diesel and gas engines. Construction equipment, agricultural machinery, lifting platforms and forklift trucks, commercial vehicles, rail vehicles, and boats utilized for either personal or professional use are just a few of the many uses for DEUTZ drives. Additionally, DEUTZ provides a wide array of analog and digital services through more than 800 sales and service partners in over 130 nations.


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