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A well-known industry leader in the production of escalators and elevators, FUJI Elevator Co., Ltd. is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and high caliber products. A modern and skilled elevator company that integrates design, development, manufacturing, sales, installation, and maintenance as a whole, FUJI was founded in 1987. As a manufacturer of highly modernized transportation equipment, FUJI debuted SALVAGNINI and a number of the best completely automated production lines in the world. FUJI commits to putting Industry 4.0 into practice and shows that the company is having success with “machine substitution.” Quality is the cornerstone of an organization’s survival and growth, according to the slogan “Rooted in China, Serving the World” used by FUJI. Fuji has already provided thousands of people from more than 70 different nations with a comfortable, safe, and reliable elevator system thanks to its humanized design, flawless solid quality, quick installation, and personal after-sales services.

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Intellectual Control System

High Precision Positioning Control System by FUJI

In order to provide the best running time at all times, the FUJI intelligent control system precisely measures the location of the car when the elevator is in use. Elevator acceleration, deceleration, and braking will be smoother, each floor will run faster, leveling accuracy will be better, and the ride will be more comfortable overall.

Digital Inverter Technology

FUJI Elevators Include Energy-saving Technology

The latest cutting-edge motor and control technologies are used in FUJI passenger elevators to maximize operating effectiveness, minimize energy consumption, and further cut maintenance costs. It uses a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless main engine drive from an international leader, which significantly boosts system efficiency and increases efficiency by more than 30% when compared to the conventional elevator drive machine.

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